Peter Jansson

Peter Jansson

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First Name * Peter
Last Name * Jansson
Username * Pumbaa
Country * Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Languages EnglishSwedish


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Graphic Design
Preferred Tools Good texturing skills in PhotoshopMaya 7.0 (uv-mapping)3ds max 8.0 (unwrapping)


Availability: Freelance


I am a 3D Artist specialized in modeling & texturing for games with currently two shipped titles.
I am also getting more and more into arch-viz having one published image in a newspaper ad.
I have done commercial work including modeling and texturing for tv ads and I am very easy to get along with.

I have gone through two cg educations which has given me lots of experience not only in cg but also in planning projects, and keeping deadlines. I am very thorough in my work and I constantly try to learn new techniques to speed up my workflow.

I mainly use Maya, learning ace skills in 3D Studio Max, sometimes I use ZBrush, I enjoy Photoshop and I use whatever game engine the current project utilize.